Death is NOT our greatest fear. Our greatest fear is how we will die.
Read The BEST WAY to Say Goodbye...
  • If you want to hasten your dying NOW, learn how to Voluntarily Refuse Food & Fluid, maximize your comfort level, obtain your doctor’s help, and get your family’s support.
  • If you want to hasten your dying in the FUTURE, learn how to overcome many formidable challenges by creating an effective plan so that others will honor your end-of-life decision to Refuse Food & Fluid by Proxy.
Our greatest fears...

  • If our brain function has been so devastated by trauma or dementia that we are not aware of our environment and we cannot respond to others… we fear being forced to exist in a prolonged state of total dependence and indignity; or,
  • If our brains are intact but there is no hope we will ever function normally, then we fear being forced to endure unnecessary prolonged pain and suffering.
A legal peaceful choice...
  • Dying is the only stage of life from which we cannot learn from our own personal experience.
  • The BEST WAY To Say Goodbye teaches how you can avoid both fears, in ways that are legal everywhere without changing any state or federal law. Surprisingly, this WAY may also be the most peaceful to die.
  • Learn from others’ best and worst experiences: The book reveals and discusses over 40 patient memoirs and legal cases.
  • Decide what seems BEST given your personal values and preferences; then choose which among the offered specific guidelines you wish to follow.

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